Lynda Pauley with sculpture
The Artist Lynda Pauley with bronze Prairie Girl.

A native of central Indiana, Lynda Pauley, formerly Lynda Collins, has pursued her artistic love of art from an early age. She completed her formal art studies at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. There, she included arts administration in her course work, and after graduating served as the Gallery Director at Indiana University - Kokomo, Indiana campus. Later, Lynda became the Museum Educator at the Springfield Museum of Art, Springfield, Ohio. In both positions, she taught painting while continuing to pursue her own artistic expression. Though a prolific artist with multiple projects always on going, she continues to teach oil and pastel in her own studio facilities in Ohio.

An accomplished equine artist since 1979, Lynda has exhibited at the most prestigious horse shows in the country and completed numerous private commission portraits of the outstanding regional and national champion Arabians and American Saddle Bred horses. In addition to state and national events in the United States, Lynda’s work has been shown internationally at the Salon du Cheval et du Poney, Paris, France, and the Royal Red Canadian National Arabian Show, Toronto, Canada. Her paintings and limited edition prints have sold worldwide.

Lynda now focuses her talents on the historic and current life of the American West. To view her work is to immediately appreciate her artistic ability to make static images seem to be in motion. Her goal is to draw you into the living scene making you temporarily feel as though are a part of it, not just a viewer.

Artist’s Statement:

“I am influenced by many factors in my life. The most predominate factor in my work is the start of the American West in the grass prairies of Ohio and the life of the West. The beautiful tall grass prairie where I live provides me with the ever-changing colors of nature and a strong sense of connection to those who lived here before me; and the history of people moving west, and the Native Americans who still inhabit this territory. The cowboy, the prairies, the women and their journeys, the horses, and the history of people’s journeys, all influence my work.

My paintings are representational, and all about the subject or people portrayed. Some are historic, yet simplistic and seemingly contemporary. They are also about today’s West, with elements of the past reflected in the scenes and themes of today. Perhaps best known for my rich pastel paintings, I create in oil in equal measure. I want the viewer to be drawn to the work and to stand awhile to absorb the character and textures of the subject. The brushwork, richness of the pastel, the strong colors, and use of light are meant to engage the eye and to help develop the enjoyment of the snapshot of life being seen. I hope the viewer will enjoy the mystery of the subject, and wonder at the subject’s life, just as I enjoy that mystery myself.”